Did you Know?

Situated near the Vltava River, the Dancing House was designed by architects, Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunić (1992-1996) to resemble a couple dancing. This building is unique amidst the traditional architecture in Prague.

Did you Know?

Sigmund Freud, one of the most famous and influential psychologists of the 20th century was actually born in Moravia (May 6, 1856), which is now a part of the Czech Republic.

Did you Know?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Prague Castle is the largest castle complex in the world, with an area of almost 70,000 m².

Did you Know?

The Strahov Library contains more than 200,000 old prints (16th to 18th centuries), 3,000 manuscripts and 1,500 first prints.

Did you Know?

Madeline Albright, a Czech native and born in Prague, was the first female U.S. Secretary of State (1997-2001) appointed by President Clinton.

Did you Know?

There are hundreds of Czech words in common with the English language. For example, taxi, metro, robot, film, and tram are all used in the Czech language.


Study abroad with ECES in the most magical city in Europe

East and Central European Studies - ECES - is a study abroad program at Charles University in the beautiful city of Prague (Czech Republic). Situated in the heart of Europe, ECES provides an enriching learning experience that not only allows undergraduate students to take courses in a range of academic fields, but also gives students the opportunity to explore Europe and become fully immersed in Czech life.


Our program offers courses in the fall, spring, and summer terms with small class sizes to ensure an enhanced learning experience. The program is open to all majors and students may choose courses in the fields of: literature, art and culture, history, sociology and psychology, economics and politics, and languages. The language of instruction is English.

ECES Experience

  • Orientation week with two excursions to important sites in the Czech Republic
  • Two-week intensive Czech Language and Culture immersion course
  • Ability to enroll in up to seven courses (200-300 level)
  • Small class sizes (14-18 students per class)
  • 24-hour phone emergency assistance. One of our staff members is on call 24-hours in case of an emergency.
  • Residential and Cultural Coordinator. To ensure that your daily needs are met, an ECES staff member lives in the student dormitory to provide help and advice about daily life in Prague.
  • Two walking tours around Prague
  • Planned optional excursions – day and international weekend trips (Berlin, Istanbul, Vienna, and more)
  • Volunteer in the local community
  • English-speaking staff
  • University student ID with access to university facilities and local discounts
  • Complimentary airport pick-up on the official arrival day
  • ECES is not a babysitting service. ECES encourages independence and exploration!

Studying at ECES means embracing a new culture and a new lifestyle. It is about independence, about exploration, and about becoming a global citizen. If you would like to explore and to learn in a different part of the world, then apply today to the ECES Program.

We hope to see you in Prague!

Summer 2016 Course Schedule Announced!

The ECES Summer 2016 Course Schedule is now available.  The syllabus for each course can be found on our Courses page.  Any student or partner with questions regarding courses or registration should contact International Programs Officer Katherine Ford.

Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2017!

Application Deadlines
Spring Semester:
October 15
Fall Semester:
April 15
April 20

European Master’s Degree Program
Erasmus Mundus TEMA
Suitable for undergrads with majors in history, law, etc.


East and Central European Studies
Prague, Czech Republic
An affiliate program at Charles University, Faculty of Arts http://www.ff.cuni.cz
Email eces@ff.cuni.cz